Baccarat Psychology

No doubt gambling is a source of adrenaline, and often, addiction. Gambling addiction causes high levels of serotonin release and psychologists have debated that gambling produces the altered states of consciousness.

According to some researches, less than 1% of the players actually beat the casino in the long term. This fact supports the claim which the majority of casino players make that they gamble mainly for the fun and not to make money. Some others say the playing regardless of the fact they win or lose allows them to feel alive.

If we could count feeling alive as a player’s sense of emotional excitation, then Baccarat can’t help fitting the bill. Excitement, hope, euphoria, power, despair, fiasco, and anger are some of the emotions summoned on the deal of a card. If a gambler wins, his self-respect increases, as he believes that his success was the result of his courage to risk, and his skill to make the right decision. If a gambler loses as a rule, he associates this loss with any other problem he may experience. Anyway the gambler feels involved. For him, the emotions which Baccarat bears (including the negative emotions,) make a more exciting alternative to the everyday routine.

The Blackjack players especially pros know that the altered states of consciousness influence on mind, and on the ability to play objectively and dispassionately. The pros create a game plan and don’t make the fatal mistake of departing from it. If they move from the path, the game will control them in place of them controlling this game, and as a result they lose. The serious player constantly reminds himself that he is there to win money, and not only to have fun in these wonderful environments that the casinos generously provide.