Baccarat Strategy

Like in any gambling game, in Baccarat there is a part of luck. At the same time you cannot rely only on luck to win. Below we present some certain strategic tips, when following them you will manage to swing the luck namely in your favour.

The house edge plays a huge role in the types of wagers you make. You can bet on a player, and then your odds will be 1:1, which in its turn means that the house edge is 1.34%.

You can bet on the banker, and this will help you to win bigger, but the casino will get back a 5% “brokerage”. Shortly speaking, when you win $100, you will give back $5 with $95 left to you. All the payments are made at the end of the game. However, the house edge in this case is 1.17%. Such odds will help you to assume that the dealer has a really good advantage.

For all “brokerage” payouts there is a special box having your table number, which ensures the fair character of the game. Betting on a tie will provide very favorable odds, since if you win, the payout odds will be 8:1. At the same time, you should realize that the house edge here is 14.1%!

The house edge is rather low, except just for the tie bets. What makes it different from blackjack and poker games is that the players and the dealer can’t make decisions themselves regarding the card drawing. That’s why you don’t have to possess much experience in playing Baccarat. Knowledge of the basics and betting procedures will serve you the best. Shortly speaking, all you need is trying to guess who the winner will be. Intuition is one of the wisest and strongest choices you can ever make, and baccarat is a good chance to prove it.

All the rules of online baccarat are printed on the table, and this means that the first-time players have the same chances as professional baccarat players. The higher your wager is and the better you can guess, in this case the more profit you will get.

Speaking about specifically Baccarat, players can choose between 2 baccarat versions played off a Microgaming software platform, they are: Mini Baccarat and High-limit Baccarat. Both types of Baccarat provide the endless hours full of entertainment, exciting and realistic graphics and etc.

There are a lot of Microgaming-powered casinos, offering free online baccarat. Free play will bring you much joy, and you’ll be able to become aware of the game rules, without risking your money.