Baccarat Systems

Sitting at the baccarat table the main thing you should understand is that Baccarat is a game of chance. Moreover, baccarat is a casino game so its rules are made up so that the player couldn’t beat the odds. According to some calculations, the player has negative expectation in each of 3 possible bets in baccarat, for example, in American Baccarat: if you bet on the Player’s hand the casino edge is 1.29%, betting on the Banker’s hand the house edge is 1.01%, if you bet on a Tie the casino advantage is enormous and makes up 15.75%. In other words if you bet on the player’s hand only, you will lose every $1.29 of $100 you have wagered. You are sure to have a chance to win in baccarat like in any other game, but only in the short run.

When it comes to any casino game, people has always invented different systems with an only aim to win more. Here arises a question: does any efficient baccarat system exist? You understand, you can’t change baccarat rules, and you are certain not to cheat. So, you can follow some definite rules to make decisions (bets) that are based only on such things: the result of the preceding hands or a number of preceding hands, the bets you have made, if there have been any on those hands.

As we have mentioned above baccarat has a negative expectation for a player, there’s no system that has been proved mathematically and can allow you to beat the casino.

Maths is not a helper in this situation as it’s impossible to predict if the next hand wins or loses. On the contrary, mathematics as a base of any casino game proves you can do nothing to change the odds.

And card counting doesn’t work here either. The book “The mathematics of gambling” by Dr. Edward O. Thorp has researches in this field. Thousands of sites offer naive players supposedly efficient baccarat system. They say you do not need to have any gambling experience or a high bankroll to win constantly, anybody can do it. But is this really true? The answer is simple: No. We are not going to speak about mathematics here, we are trying to prove it basing on the common sense.

First, crowds of people sell such systems thereby the efficient baccarat system is accessible for everyone. As everyone can learn it, everyone can beat the house. But there are still a lot of people who loses and casinos are everywhere. Second, if we assume that some genius mathematician has invented the efficient baccarat system. Then why he will sell his secrets to anyone, risking that the casinos might catch and change the rules. He may earn more using his system himself. Those who sell baccarat systems just make money, promising high returns. So don’t allow them to foolish you!


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