Baccarat table

American Baccarat has the special table consisting of two similar parts and a middle area for the dealer. 14 people can play this game simultaneously, they sit down at the table in front of numbers from1 to 15 (number 13 is missed because of the superstitions) each of them has own place for making bets. You can choose any position or number you like most because this fact doesn’t influence on the game.

Any player has 3 betting zones according to the position occupied at the table, every time starting new game you have a chance to make the following choice: you bet on Banker, Player or Tie.

Each table has 3 dealers, one of them is situated between numbers 1 and 15, this is a Caller or in other words a Croupier, this is the person who directs the game in a whole. Two other persons take the bets if you lose and give you the payouts in a case you win, one of them works with the players from 1 to 7 and the next with the players from 8 to 15. Moreover in an area of croupier you can see the boxes with indicate the size of the commission the gamer owes to the house.