Baccarat Variations

Nowadays the word “Baccarat” is used to describe the American Baccarat, this is one of the most widely spread variants of this popular game. But you can also find some other versions if baccarat in different countries all over the world. Very often they have various names and rules, but the base is the same, your target is to collect a hand which has 9 scores or as close to this number as possible.

The differences between these games can be described as who can play as the banker, discrepancy in drawing rules and some other peculiarities.

European Baccarat

In comparison with the American version this game has two main differences:

  • You can choose if you draw or stand on 5
  • The banker (who is controlled by the dealer) has the opportunity to draw the third card; but in practice the casinos usually follow the American Baccarat rules.

The casino support the hand of a banker, for instance in a case the banker funds $2,000, the first and the second players bet $1,000 each, the other players can’t bet any more. In one player wishes to cover the bet of a banker he says “banco” and other players are not allowed to bet this time. The players who bet with the bank have to give 4-5% to the bank in a case they win.

Some other rules:

  • one bank’s hand and two players’ hands are dealt
  • the player can bet on one or even both of the players’ hands but not to the banker’s
  • this game doesn’t have strict drawing rules, but sometimes the dealers follow widely spread American rules.

Some more differences:

  • Some casinos provide the commission of less than 5%
  • The payouts on Tie bet sometimes are paid 9 to 1, but an also varies in different casinos
  • In the most part of European casinos the chips are used for playing Baccarat, while in USA the casino prefer real money which makes this game especially thrilling and exiting.