American Baccarat

In spite of the number of the players who seat at the table, the croupier deals only two hands: for the Banker and the Player. So you have to bet on the result of the game trying to guess which of the hands will have the number of scores closer to 9. You have the opportunity to bet on any hand or bet on a tie.

At the beginning of the game before the cards are dealt, all players place the bets choosing any amount within the table limits. In such way you can bet on the Player’s or Banker’s hand or bet on a Tie.

The Baccarat game is played with 6 or 8 decks of cards. The dealer shuffles the cards and places them in a so-called Shoe which is in fact a special box. The shoe is passed from one player to another anticlockwise and each of them works as the dealer, in other words every person at the table can be the Banker or the Player. This Baccarat feature may even scare a little the players especially the beginners, but you don’t need to worry about it, because there is a caller at any table who will always help you. Besides of it you can just pass the shoe to the next player in a case you don’t want to deal the cards. One person deals again in a case the Banker’s hand wins.

The person who keeps a shoe is the Banker, but there is no any extra risks, you have the opportunity to select the hand you bet on, in other words even if you are a Banker you can bet on the Player’s hand. When the game begins four cards are dealt, all of them are faced down. The first of them is for the Player’s Hand. The card form the so-called “dealing player” is passed to the person who bets the largest sum on the Player’s hand. The second card is for the Banker’s hand, it is placed near the shoe. The Third card is for the player and the last card – for the banker.
The player, who has placed the largest bet on the Player’s hand and has two cards, looks at them and passes to the dealer. The dealer announces the card value and put them to the special table area. After it the person who has made the largest bet on the Banker’s hand makes the same.

In a case any hand has 8 or 9 scores, it is “Neutral” and the extra cards are not dealt, otherwise the croupier may ask to deal the third card (it depends on the hand value and the rules of the casino).

The fact is everything you need to play Baccarat is to place the bet, after it you can’t influence on the game and don’t make any decisions. Everything happens according to the rules of the game.

The dealer compares the scores (of two or three cards) of the Player’s and Banker’s hands and declares the result of the game, which hand is the winner. The hand which has the scores closest to 9 wins. In a case of a tie the croupier returns the bets on the Banker’s and Player’s hands.

The Baccarat game is the real game of chance, your wins and loses depends only on the good luck. It’s easy to play and enjoy the simplicity, it’s the great gamble for the beginners which doesn’t need any specific skills and knowledge.