Chemin de Fer

You have a chance play this game in casinos in France and some other European countries, but you can hardly find it in North America, where the American Baccarat is so popular. These two games have much in common, you also wish to come to 9 scores as close as possible, but the difference is casino doesn’t act as the banker. In other words you can’t bet either on the player or the banker. The role of the banker is rotates among all players, so you must be a player or a banker, but you can refuse of it and give the cards to the next player counterclockwise.

In that way the casino is not fully involved in the game process, it gives you a Croupier looking carefully after the process and the equipment you need. Casino has a special commission, which is usually equal to 5% of the winning bank hands for the services it provides.

Moreover Chemin De Fer has some difference in rules when you need the third card:

  • You can choose if you draw or stand on 5 (in contrast to the American Baccarat where you have to hit automatically when you have 5 and less)
  • The banker’s play is optional