Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat is the variant of the popular game which is based on the same rules as the American Baccarat has, but it provides the lover bet limits. The table is also smaller in comparison with the traditional game.

All the players has three different betting arrears in front of them on the table, each of them has own colour. The first is the red circle which means the area for betting on the player. The second is the yellow circle which is used for betting on the bank. And the last one is the white number which is located above the yellow circle and it means bet on a tie.

The dealer is situated behind the players, this person has a chip rack and the area with the numbers corresponding on the players at the table, which is used for looking for the commission made by the players.

In contrast to the usual Baccarat game playing Mini Baccarat you will never touch the card deck, because the dealer always acts as the Banker. Because of the convenient position near the centre of the table, the croupier reaches any area of the table without any difficulties.

The other rules don’t have any differences from the traditional version. You have to make bets at the beginning of the game, then the croupier deals 4 cards: 2 for the Player hand and 2 for the Banker, all the cards are faced up. If it’s necessary the dealer gives one more card and at least compares the hands of the Player and the Banker. After it the croupier takes the lost bets and gives the payouts.

Remember that the payouts for the Banker are paid 1 to 1, it’s better to know about the commission paying by the player who leaves the table. Mini Baccarat is the great game both for the land based and online casinos.