Baccarat Glossary

Baccarat – besides the name of the game, it is also the worst possible hand with a total of zero
Baccarat Banque – a European variation of the game where gamblers can bet only on the player
Banco – Banker in Punto Banco
Banker – one of the two bets offered in baccarat games
Bankroll – the amount of money that any player has for betting
Burn Card – a single card that is removed from the deck during shuffling
Callman – the dealer who calls or runs the game
Chemin de Fer – the oldest variation of baccarat
Cheval – baccarat variation that gives participants the opportunity to play two hands
Coup – a French term meaning a round of baccarat
Croupier – the dealer
Cut Card – a plastic wedge for cutting the deck after shuffling
Down Card – a face down card
Draw – when an additional card is dealt to the player or banker hand
Egalite – a term meaning “tie” in Punto Banco baccarat
Fade – to cover a part or the whole bank bet
Flat Bettor – a bettor who makes the same bet on every round of baccarat
Go Bank – the translation of “banco” from Punto Banco, it is also used in Chemin de Fer. To go bank means to bet against the whole banker’s stake.
Hand – the cards dealt to player and banker during a round of baccarat
High Roller – a player who makes big bets
House Advantage or house edge – expected casino’s long-term profit
Ladderman – an employee who oversees what happens at the baccarat table
Le Grande – French term for the best possible baccarat hand that is a natural of 9.
Mini-baccarat – a variation of baccarat with a smaller table
Monkey – a face card or a 10
Modulo 10 – baccarat hands are counted with the help of the modulo 10 system meaning that if a hand has value of more then 9, they subtract 10, for example, you hand has a total of 13 then remove ten and your hand value is 3.
Natural – a hand with a total of 8 or 9 made up of the first two cards.
Pallet – a flat wooden paddle that the dealer uses to move chips and cards. Nowadays it is rarely used.
Player – one of the two types of baccarat bets
Punto – player bet in Punto Banco
Punter – the player, participant in the game
Punto Banco – a popular American variation of the game of baccarat
Rotation – the shoe and the position of banker traveling around the table
Sabot – French for the shoe
Shills – an employee who sits at an empty table and attracts players to the game.
Shoe – the box with several decks of cards for holding and dispensing cards
Stakes – the bets made by each player
Stand – to refuse taking additional cards, may also mean that a participant wants to leave the table.
Standoff – a tie
Starter – an employee who sits at an empty table to entice players to the game
Tie – a bet made on that the banker and player have an even hands
Up card – the face up card
Vigorish – the 5% commission on the winning banker hands
VIP – another name for a high roller that is a Very Important Person