Playing “EZ” Baccarat

Baccarat is not so popular online as blackjack or roulette simply because it is not so widely presented on casino floors.

Baccarat has always been considered the game for millionaires, that’s why many think the stakes in baccarat are very high and it is not available for ordinary people. But is it true? Maybe is there baccarat for average players?

In several places in the US, for example, Northwest Indiana, the game is very popular and a main source of casino profit.

A lot of players who have never played the game ask if baccarat is worth playing, or it is fun to play it, whether it is a guessing game, or there is a strategy involved in it.

Not long ago many casinos started to offer their players mini-baccarat which suits more low rollers. But this version of the game doesn’t attract lots of attention. The grand baccarat has an elite flavor and is not available.

Regardless of the fact that it has a very low house edge and all the efforts that casinos make to attract a broader audience, the game of baccarat is considered to be a game for high rollers as well as the Asian community.

It is a strange reputation for a game with very easy rules. All the player needs to do is to choose among 3 bets, Player, Banker or Tie, and then the dealer does everything – deals cards, after that the winning hand is determined, and bets are settled.

There is one aspect in the rules of baccarat that burdens it is the 5% commission players pay when they win a Banker bet. This is the commission which the casino takes in order to have profits.

Players have always thought about how to eliminate this commission but not to change the drawing rules of baccarat. DEQ Systems Corp., a global provider of gaming products, seems to have an answer. They developed EZ Baccarat game. DEQ Systems didn’t change the rules of the game but change the math behind the game. This game replaces the taking of commission on a winning Bank hand by “barring” (the situation when a winning result on a bet is not paid like on the “Don’t Pass” in Craps) one winning Bank hand, a three-card total of 7. They also added an insurance bet – “Dragon 7” paying 40 to 1 if the bet is placed when the “barred” hand befalls.

EZ Baccarat keeps all the traditional aspects of the game for those who are fond of traditional baccarat and opens the door for newbies who could be confused over the commission.

The innovation is in favour of players. It is equal to a 4.914% commission which is lower than the commission in the traditional baccarat, and reduces the casino edge on a winning Banker bet from 1.058% to 1.018%. The advantage on a winning Player bet is the same 1.24%.

The casino wins from more amounts of decisions made per hour, and the Dragon 7 bet, which gives a 7.61% edge to house. The chances that the bank draws a three-card total of 7 and wins are 43.4 to 1.

The interest to the game in the gambling industry is evident. It has already available in many casinos across the country.

Baccarat Psychology

Everyone agrees that gambling, regardless of the fact you are playing for pleasure or business, results in a high adrenaline, and can be addictive. Addictive gambling produces scientifically recorded highs, (that is high levels of serotonin). Psychologists also speak about the “altered states of consciousness” as the result of gambling.

According to statistics, less than 1% of the players beats the house in the long run. This fact supports the words said by many players that in general they play for fun and not to make money. Some other casino visitors say that just participation, no matter they win or lose, makes them alive.

Baccarat is an ideal game where players can feel them alive. They can summon everything – hope, excitement, euphoria, despair, disappointment, anger – on the turn of a card. When winning, a player’s self-respect rises, as he is sure that the success is a result of his courage to risk, and also his ability to make the right decision. When losing, a player connects this loss with other problems. And the gambler feels involved. The emotions that Baccarat summons offer an alternative to the everyday routine.

“Altered states of consciousness” influence a lot on mind, and on the player’s ability to play objectively and dispassionately. And the professional Blackjack players know well about this so they make a game plan and never diverge from it. If they leave the path once, the game will control them and not vice versa, and they will lose. Serious players constantly remind themselves they play to make money, and not to enjoy themselves in this generous environment provided by the gambling venues.