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If in the market to play Roulette and learn its finer aspects, playing our demo version will allow you many opportunities to not only master the game, but also understand it in more depth. It is that knowledge, when transferred to real money play that often helps those new to playing this version of roulette success. You will find that we include an excellent free demo, you are free to play it as often as you like, and use it to hone your skills.

Online European roulette is the official title for classic roulette and historians believe the game originated in Europe around the eighteen hundred. So by playing classic roulette players actually enjoy the European versions and aside from the historical facts and myths the key difference between American roulette and European roulette is the extra zero when the ball stands on 00. What attracts players most is the chance to win massively, the mystique of where the ball will land and the aura of one of the most sophisticated games of chance. Many forms can be found on both land-based and European roulette online versions, and it is believed to offer rules that are more beneficial to players than that of American roulette.

Played on a wheel containing 37 pockets, the European roulette game offer numbers 1 to 36 plus a single zero. Before each spin, players have the opportunity to place bets within a given time before the croupier sets the wheel and ball motion into action. The number where the ball comes to a halt is the winning number. The gaming excitement is inspired by players aiming to correctly predict the number on which the ball would land in the next round and while everyone knows that is not always possible to guess the right number there are several other betting options to provide a great variety of ways to win.

For Serious Australian Players

The two main betting options are the outside or inside bet each covering a few numbers on the inside, and the outside bets are made on the outside portion of the betting board layout. The inside bet options include a straight bet that covers one number and winning odds are from 1 to 35, a split bet include two numbers adjacent to each other and winning odds are 1 to 17, a street bet is made on three numbers lying next to each other with payouts of 8 to 1, while a six line bet covers six numbers and two rows and winning are paid at 5 to 1. Outside bets include the column which, is a bet covering a whole column consisting of 12 numbers with winnings paid at 2 to 1, 12 consecutive numbers is covered by the dozen bet that pays 2 to 1, Odd or even numbers covers around 18 numbers and pays even money, while red or black number bets covers all numbers in that colour and winnings are paid at even money, which is also paid for numbers 19 to 36 or numbers 1 to 18.

For many players winning a game of skill combined with luck is serious and when it comes to online roulette, there is basically no better option than to enjoy the gamble. The game feature better odds than American roulette and even in American Casinos where players would expect to only find the American version the high rollers still enjoy and prefer the single- zeroed games.

The next time you enjoy a play at a trusted casino, it might just be worth your while to give European roulette real money a try since the game appeals to all player levels. A couple of special rules apply bets made on even numbers although the implementation and rules differ hugely from game to game. Readers now have the opportunity to enjoy our free version as well as claiming the most lucrative bonus offered on the net by selecting a highly recommended online casino from our list of most recommended online casinos. Many players have scored phenomenal wins over the history of European roulette online and in casinos around the globe. Once you are ready to play gather around the table, enjoy the best bonus offers and make the most of your online roulette experience.