Online French Roulette – Casino List For Aussie Players

French Roulette is a classic and original version, and playing it free using our demo will help you to gain the basics of this highly regarded and entertaining gambling. That opportunity will allow you the time you need to master your game plan, develop and understand strategy and how it best works for you before you play for real money.

Online French roulette is similar to American and European versions although most players believe that French type is superior to the other two types and the reason could be due to historians claiming that roulette is a game first enjoyed in France. What set the French version of roulette apart from the others are its La Partage rule, single zero and call bets, while the table is marked in French.

The French roulette game was first introduced in the nineteen hundred and is a relatively new version that only became popular after gambling was legalized in France. The first casino ever to offer this version was the Grand Monte Carlo, which was well ahead of online casinos enabling gamblers to play French roulette online.

In both land-based and online casinos, the French type is one of the leading versions enjoyed by thousands of players and even though the French version is new compared to the rich histories of American type and classic roulette that dated as far back as the sixteen hundreds. To enjoy the extra edge play our free version now to perfect your game and join thousand in enjoying this hugely popular casino classic, after several practice rounds you would be ready to enjoy real wins from real money play at one of our highly recommended casinos guaranteed to provide winning thrill and excitement while players enjoy the most private and secure gaming environment.

Several online casinos now offer French version since its game rules, and payouts are similar in many ways to other roulette versions depending on the site and in most cases the few changes part of the game could be even more beneficial to players.

How To Play

Before the roulette wheel is spun everyone is offered the opportunity to place bets across the layout and players, have access to several different odds and bets. French roulette utilizes a single-zero layout, and there are in total 37 numbers, the wheel displays from number 1 up to number 36 as well as the zero. Players can place bets on any number, and the odds are normally 35 to 1, with betting on two numbers also called combination bets the odds are around 17 to 1 and other betting options include a row of three numbers with betting odds then lowering to 11 to 1.

Played the same as other types the most important part is placing bets and if the ball stands on the player’s lucky number bet he wins. The difference in play comes in the La Partage rule, which provides a much-adored advantage over the other roulette variations. For players who like making even bet the ball landing on the zero allow a loss of only half your bet.

Call bets, which is another special French roulette feature include bets such as Voisins du Zero or neighbors of the zero, Ophellins or Orphans, Tiers du Cylindre or a third of the wheel and Finales, and Finales a Cheval en plein. Betting options that cover a large portion of the wheel include bets of up to a dozen numbers with odds of 2 to 1, and other popular bet options include side bets such as red/black or odd/even numbers. These bet options can be found on the outer part and are therefore known as the outside bets and if the table states a minimum bet then outside bets are required to cover the minimum set amount although the inside bets are allowed to be smaller.

Some online casinos offer the expanded layout, which offers French bets; these have no special drawbacks or advantages and could add betting options that cover specific segments of the wheel. The zero game bet of Jeu O covers the zero and numbers in the same area.