Video Poker – Find Out How To Play

Video poker are amongst the simplest types of casino games that Australian players can play online. In the space of a matter of minutes, you can learn the basics of gambling, and sit down to play for real money. How? By playing free, of course. Over the course of next few paragraphs, we’ll introduce you to the basics, talk about video poker in general, and recommend a few demo games online.

Learn How to Gamble

One of the main advantages and purposes to playing free video poker slot machines is to learn how to gamble. Although there are a few different variants out there, the ranking of the lands remains largely the same in almost all types.

To begin with, players will start out with a hand of 5 cards. They can select however many of those cards they wish to keep and discard the rest. The discarded cards are replaced by new ones, to form your final five-card hand. That hand is then measured against the paytable displayed on the screen of the video poker machine. If it matches one of the hands, then players will pocket a cash prize based on how much they wagered and they hand they are holding.

When you gamble, you do not take on any other players or a dealer. The game itself is solely about building the best hand you possibly can do, so it is an ideal learning tool if you just starting out playing for real.

The hands may change from variant to variant, but by and large, the same combinations appear. The lowest paying hand is either a Pair of tens or jacks, depending on the game. Two Pairs (two sets of two paired cards), Three of a Kind (three cards of the same value), Straights (all cards in numerical sequence), and Flushes (all cards in the same suit) are worth considerably better prizes.
A Full House is worth more than those and involves having a Pair and Three of a Kind in the same hand. Four of a Kind trumps that and is worth more. This involves having four cards of the same value in your five-card hand. Top prizes are paid out for Straight Flushes (cards in the same suit, and in numerical sequence), whilst the jackpots are always reserved for a Royal Flush, which involves having a 10, jack, queen, king, and ace all in the same suit.

The List Of Most Playable

There are many different video poker games you can play for free, and for real money. The list includes Jacks or Better, Aces and Eights, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild, Tens or Better, All-American and Multi-Hand Poker. Keep in mind that when playing with jokers (wild cards), wilds can substitute for any other card that you need it to be.

Having jokers often decreases the total amount for the top prize, and in some cases may remove the lowest paying hand or hands (Pairs or Two Pairs) from the paytable. In exchange, new Five of a Kind and Wild Royal Flush hands offer additional prizes.

Here’s a bit more information about the various types of video poker variants you can play:

Aces & Eights: This version offers higher payouts when players land four-of-a-kind combos which feature Aces or 8s. Four-of-a-kind combos featuring 7s or any other hand are also worth more than usual.

Aces & Faces: In Aces & Faces, players can land a larger cash win for four-of-a-kind combos which features Faces (Jacks, Queens or Kings) and Aces.

All American Poker: In this video poker variant, there are enhanced prizes for higher ranking hands, whilst lower pay-outs for two pairs, and full houses.

Bonus Poker: This version can often offer multiple hands, and provide extended cash prizes.

Deuces Wild: Deuces Wild enables all 2s to become wild, and replace other cards in the deck. Thus, additional hands appear in the paytable.

Double Bonus Poker: Largely the same as Bonus Poker, albeit with larger cash prizes.

Double Double Bonus Poker: Again, similar to the other two bonus poker games, but with the largest cash prizes.

Five Play Draw Poker: This variant offers multi-hand gaming, and several draw poker variants at once.

Jacks or Better: The standard version, upon which almost all other variants are based.

Jester Poker: Jester Poker sees jokers become wild, and uses a 53-card deck for gameplay.

Joker Poker: The same as Jester Poker, with the joker card becoming wild in a 53-card poker deck.

Kings or Better: Kings or Better removes the lowest paying hands from Jacks or Better, and makes them a pair of kings. As a result, the prizes are ramped up for the hands which feature in its paytable.

Loose Deuces Poker: A variant of Deuces Wild, Loose Deuces offers a double or nothing bonus if you want it.

Regal Poker: Regal Poker is Spin Games’ take on standard Jacks or Better video poker gaming.

Tens or Better: Offers tens or better as its lowest paying hand, instead of Jacks or better. Thus, hands are worth slightly less than in the Jacks or Better game.

Triple Play Draw Poker: This variant offers low-odds, and can see you play various games under one roof.

Wild Heart: This is more of a classic slot than a video poker game. Slotland’s Wild Heart can see players play with card symbols, albeit in a classic slot format.

Wild Sevens: The Wild Sevens game has been developed by Playson and is their online and mobile-friendly take on video poker gambling.

Check Out Our Demos

Playing video poker online is a great way to win a few bucks playing in Australian online casinos. Of course, playing free demos is also a great way to learn how video poker games work, and to practice your skills.

We recommend trying a broad range of the games so that you find one which is best suited to your playing style. You don’t have to dive in at the deep end, either, since we can recommend a host of free demos for you to try your hand at, such as those mentioned above. You have nothing to lose. Give the free video poker machines mentioned above a run for their money today.